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Dale Bowen

Our Spotlight Artist

Dale was born in Staffordshire in 1963 and still lives there.  Always interested  in painting from an early age he went on to study art at Newcastle under Lyme college.

He is a master potter and has worked in the industry for over 20 years firstly for Coalport China and for Wedgewood for the last 15 years.  Working for Wedgewood in the Prestige Department he created many one-off pieces for the collectors market and commissions, some fetching in excess of £100,000 and recently gained a Masters Degree at Staffordshire University  before going on to exhibit privately in New York, Washington, San Francisco and an exclusive masterpiece collection for Wedgewood in Japan.

Individual commissioned pieces include one for Coalport’s 250th Anniversary, The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday celebrations, The Battle of Trafalgar 200 years celebrations at Portsmouth Naval Museum and  a plaque of the same event presented to Her Majesty on board Victory.

“When painting  I like to use a variety of mediums as I feel l need to experiment and master as many methods as possible.  I sometimes work from crude sketches as well as photographs as a varied approach allows for more creativity.  Although working in the pottery industry for so long and being creative with clay, it is always the joy of painting which is my first love and keeps me returning to canvas.”

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